We’re SkiBrew

Buster Ritter is another southern boy turned mountain man by way of Telluride. He found himself in the San Juans after taking a break from executive search and work in the music/entertainment industry, but still tends to keep a toe dipped in as many projects as he can fit on his plate. Buster loves fried chicken, sweet tea, and skiing. His favorite color is Blue, depending on the day of the week. Interests include numbers, staying hydrated, and continuous learning. Send him your favorite wing sauce recipe, or tell him about what interests you at: busterskibrew@gmail.com

Austin Cleek is a bass fishing, deer hunting, horseback riding, code writing, chemistry studying redneck nerd from Tennessee. He can be found hunched over a keyboard not understanding why his code works or not understanding why it doesn’t (sometimes at the same time). He loves skiing, hiking, technology, and Telluride. His likes include Pina Coladas and taking walks in the rain. He’s not into yoga, but he is into champagne. Karaoke requests can be sent to him at: austinskibrew@gmail.com

Original photo of Buster and Austin brainstorming about the future of SkiBrew June 21, 1998.